ULTRON innovated on the manufacturing aspects. Product quality, innovative design and affordable prices have made ULTRONs products as the primary choice among many athletes, amateurs and professionals in the region. ULTRON takes the great pride of its research and development that places the brand ahead of its competitors. In September 2018, ULTRON was officially recognized by The Malaysia Book of Records for producing The Lightest Running Tshirt in Malaysia which weighs only 75 grams. At the same time, the product also maintains its ultra-softness and all the various functionalities of fast-dry, breath-ability, stretch-ability, anti-UV and chaffing-resistant which makes it a cut above the rest. Another major expansion for ULTRON is the Women label that introduces a wider range of womens collection which is specially designed for the Yoga, Zumba and Womens Fitness segment. The products are applied with the same Micro-dry technology to womens sportswear. ULTRON aims to #ChangeTheGame in a much broader scale and among many different sporting segments within the ASEAN region in the coming years. In these new segments, ULTRON Muslimah Sportswear Collection is designed to cater the Muslims community that is not only limited to Malaysia, but across the ASEAN and Middle East region. This initiative enables the brand to fulfill the need of the Muslim community in observing Islamic dress code during sports activities., looking modest and feeling comfortable at the same time.



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