Nitro Chicken

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Nitro chicken is a Brand created by Antar Bros group belongs to Antar Family came from the oldest capital in the world Damascus, carrying the recipe from the heritage of this ancient city to be developed in Malaysia to penetrate the whole world as a Malaysian Trade Mark Brand in fast food segment. An idea of creating a new concept with unique atmosphere came up and worked on it in deep details till it came true taking the fast food industry into a higher level of freshness and quality. Our aim is to present a high quality food with reasonable value for all slabs of customers in different cultures. Building a dominating chicken brand that pushes the fast food concept to a higher level of quality and freshness which matches a wider range of taste and maintains the same reasonable value, Reaching all slabs of customers who are looking for a unique taste and atmosphere with higher quality all around the world. The brand will be available for franchising system world wide starting from Malaysia.



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